Welcome to my portfolio!

Over the years i have worked on a variety of projects such as:

{Recent Projects}

CV builder is a web application that allows you to create and publish custom digital CVs. You insert your information and select what you want people to see. Pick a template, select a color scheme and you can visit your custom link to view your digital CV as well as download it as a pdf. This web app is also free to use!

Link Click is essentially a link shortener. It can be used to shorten your links and convert them to qrcodes. You are also able to monitor your link and get real time information on who is clicking your link, what device they are using, where they are from and many more. It's free and easy to use.

IVS is an easy free to use inventory system. It answers the problem of modern day organizing by helping you keep track of what you have. It can be used by every and anybody from small businesses to large companies.

TheGrindRooftop is a day club and restaurant that occasionally host events. I was contracted to build a website for them to showcase their events for the week as well as their menus. Customers can also make a booking or reservation through the websites.

Zane Models Website is a modelling management website. Aspiring models can apply through the site and be recruited. Recruited Models are also displayes in the sites catalog based on their gender. There is also a custom made blog system inbuilt to the site. Everything on the site is managed from the admin portal.

AUIAA is the official alumni association for my alma mata augustine universty ilara. I was recruited to build an official website for the organization. The website has information about the organization as well as various forms. Alumns can register and pay their dues through the website. There is an alumni directory that shows all registered alums and also an alumni business directory that shows businesses owned by alums. The site also has its own custom blog.

This project was one of my very first full stack projects. idealHr is a human resource company that connects employers to suitable employees. With the world migrating to the digital age, i was contracted to make them digital. I created a website for them where they could upload job postings and also receive contracts from companies. The site also has its own custom blog. I was also tasked with making their company recognised on google, this required me to put them on the map and increase their google search ranking among others.

Baymar Eyecare Web Application is a custom hospital management system i built for baymare eyecare and surgery center. It allows their patients to register, book appointments and see their clinic data. It also allows the clinic to schedule appointments with patients and make sure no appointment is overlapping.

{Mini Projects}

This is a small html and js project i made. It is basically a website that lets you make your own custom beats on the drums i designed.

Simon Game is essentially a web based memory game built with html, css and js. It tasks you to memorize the pattern of the sound and reproduce the same pattern. Its a fun web based game that improves your memory.

It is exactly how it sounds like, its a website that rolls 2 dices that generate random results to determine who wins. You can be player 1 or player 2.

This is a Node Js application, where you can visit and add your own list name to the url to generate a custom todo list for you. Anyone who visits the url you made up will also be able to view your todolist and check things off for you so be sure to use something unique like tdl.com/projectcustomlist1.

This is a project thats inspired by the google keeper app. Its React Application used to keep notes. The interface makes it easy to find your notes and delete them when you no longer need them.