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Hello There! I am Osegbue Charles, a full stack developer. I am a graduate of computer science from Augustine University.

I am currently a Freelancer with experience in building full blown web applications. My extensive knowledge of the MERN stack as well as other stacks using PHP and MYSQL help me determine the best route to take when building both the front end and backend of web applications. I am fueled by my passion to create interactive web applications. I am always eager to learn and i love to stay on top of web design trends.

I am always interested in challenges so feel free to reach out to me.


I am always very eager to learn new technologies and acquire new skills. I practice acquired skills and hone them to perfection. I am result driven and detail oriented. I am essentially a MERN stack developer however my skills are not limited to MERN stack technologies. Before learning the MERN stack i primarily used PHP and MYSQL for backend dev and standard HTML, CSS, JS, BOOTSTRAP and JQuery for front end. I build backends as APIs and then use AJAX calls through JQuery to collect and send data to the APIs all to populate the front end. My skill set boils down to:

  • React
  • Node JS
  • MongoDB
  • Figma
  • HTML 5
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Angular
  • Typescript
  • Redux
  • Express
  • My SQL
  • Adobe XD
  • PHP
  • Bootstrap 5
  • Python
  • Java
  • C++


I offer the following services

Static Website Design

I can build your static websites for you. Static websites are websites without any backend functionality. They are essentially hard coded websites used to advertise or have an online presence

Dynamic Website Design

I can build your dynamic websites for you. Dynamic websites are websites that have backend functionality. They are usually hosted on a server and have an admin portal where your site can be edited from and content can be uploaded from.

Consultation / Website Management

I can manage your websites for you. If you have websites that have already been built and you need a consultation on how to best optimize your website or you need me to manage your websites and make sure it remains bug free and runs smoothly always i am your guy.

Content Design

I can design your contents. If you need content like posters, posts, wireframes and prototypes, i can design them for you.

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Lagos, Nigeria



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